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I treat a variety of clients. Please feel free to call for a phone consultation.

Individual Adults

Adults possess the insight and intelligence to delve into their issues and patterns.

However, these patterns have become highly ingrained over time. Coping styles have developed that range from ineffectual to destructive. Frequently the very sophistication of adult "thinking" can mask the deep feelings that "run the show", creating symptoms of depression, anxiety, compulsions and poor self esteem.

Therapy gently challenges old programing and habitual defense to allow a "new blueprint" to be formed.


Children exhibit stress in a variety of ways. Frequently they regress or "act out". Various life events or conditions  such as divorce, death, learning disorder or social deficits can impact children's self concept. Therapy is a great opportunity for kids to process issues at a young age and move toward resilience and confidence.


My stance on couples therapy is that it must dig deeper than mere "homework" and "I sentences". I work to understand and integrate unconscious  family  influences, emotional awareness and systems theory to disrupt negative cycles of fighting, resentment and stonewalling.


Many parents consider therapy for their teen to address academic or behavioral problems. Usually the issue is deeper. Adolescents have the daunting task of creating a separate  self. As their fundamental needs are understood, surface issues of performance and opposition shift accordingly. I offer additional support for parents to navigate this vital stage.

Autistic Spectrum

Life on the Spectrum can be full and rewarding but it does not come without the pain of being "different".

I work with clients on emotional fall out that may include anxiety and depression as well as skill-acquisition and self esteem. 

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