Vala Kondo Legan

     Individual Adult, Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy / Clinical Art Therapy                                                                     42​4-290-8048       


Treatment of: 

  • anxiety, nervousness, worry                                                                                                        
  • depression, sadness, mood swings and general dissatisfaction
  • relationship problems (marital, pre-marital, dating)
  • low ​self-esteem / self-worth
  • social problems
  • ​academic problems 
  • ​addiction
  • parenting issues / communication problems


Family Therapy

A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR change and growth. ​

I work with adults, children and adolescents to resolve the effects of trauma.

Trauma may stem from a single event or it may reflect basic deficits of love and safety.

The aftermath of chronic trauma can include anxiety, depression and negative behaviors that seem to repeat themselves.
We are left with fears and self-limiting patterns that dictate our lives.

A trauma history will kill intimacy and warp relationships.

My work is empathetic and relaxed. It is designed to create a strong foundation for building confidence and trust. This website is meant to give information on my approach.

Each person is unique. Let's talk.

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # NY 0015529-1 / CA 95521 /LCAT # 002315