Vala Kondo Legan, LMFT, LCAT, ATR-BC


Who You Are Determines Your Treatment.....

CHRONIC Symptoms

Chronic Symptoms are formed over decades. 
Our beliefs and associations are imprinted into our minds throughout our lives.
Early experiences are especially influential for us since they form a template for our thinking and relating.
​When childhood experiences and relationships were insufficient or abusive they act as silent weights, holding us back from our full potential. 

​We find ourselves trapped, repeating old patterns of thought, feeling and relating. We may suffer from low
self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, anxiety or depression.
Many people with chronic symptoms engage in self-harming or self-sabotaging behaviors.

I work to understand where and how events from your past are influencing your present life.


My  "Psychodynamic" approach to therapy recognizes three basic components  

in the healing process ;        

Increased insight and understanding.     

We all have patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that influence our lives. Some of these patterns may be so ingrained that we are hardly aware of them. Instead, we are only aware of dissatisfaction or frustration. Healing includes an increased understanding of the triggers, associations and automatic responses that inhibit life.

A safe relationship with a caring therapist.

Many people do not feel truly safe with others, even people they care for and love. 

Others may feel "safe" but not safe enough to reveal feelings of anger or vulnerability. 

Many people habitually enact old roles like "the good girl" or "the guy who couldn't care less". 

Your  relationship with your therapist is a powerful tool. 

We work to create a new template for relationships that allows you to feel free and genuine.

A professional therapeutic knowledge-base and skill set .

 I am trained in both traditional "talk" therapy and clinical art therapy. 

I use a psychodynamic approach and can integrate Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy

as needed, in individual cases.

My overall approach is appropriate for those who seek deep, lasting changes. 

I use a highly  individualized assessment and will listen to your goals and preferences to determine the form of treatment or combination of treatment is best for you.

​​Whether you find yourself overcome by crisis events or enslaved to “old programing”,
Therapeutic work can be an essential tool toward increased feelings of joy and control in life.



CRISIS Issues​

​Death, divorce, illness, victimization and sudden losses can challenge our ability to cope.

The first focus of crisis treatment is to contain overwhelming emotions and increase coping abilities. 

​I work to process grief and  trauma associated with loss.​Often crisis events can trigger prior losses in our lives, causing additional feelings of depression and anxiety.
​At such times we find ourselves unable to move on from crisis, trapped by old, unprocessed emotions. 

Healing may include revisiting past losses that may never have truly healed.