Parenthood is an immense and challenging job.

This is especially true when our own family history did not model positive parenting skills.

The one thing many people know about parenting is that they do NOT want to repeat their own family dynamics with their children.

Parenting Sessions can  help parents create;

  • Improved attachment & communication

  • Structure and routine.

  • Effective Discipline

  • Academic Support

Parenting consultations can take several forms:

1. Focus on developmental norms and acquisition of skills.

     Normal development presents many challenges including;

  •      Tantruming and oppositional behaviors 

  •      Birth of a sibling  

  •      Transition to school 

            *Sessions may be held on an "as needed" basis

2. Focus on emotional issues and reactions to family stressors

     Children often require support during times of loss including death

     and divorce. The stress of overwhelming events may cause children to     "act out" their emotions.

​3.Adjunctive parental counseling to support child therapy.

   Focus is individualized towards child's treatment as well as parent's       own history and it's impact on parenting choices.

Vala Kondo Legan, LMFT, ATR-BC