Vala Kondo Legan, LMFT, LCAT, ATR-BC



Adolescents have  the daunting task of becoming adult  and finding a self.
It is not an easy time for them.  It's not easy for their parents either.
While some adolescent angst is normal, many teens can get stuck in behaviors and feeling states that are unhealthy.

Additional stressors like divorce, learning disorder or social deficits can make things worse. The still-developing teen brain often has difficulty coping with challenge. Their emotions are frequently "acted out" as oppositional behaviors or "acted-in" as self-harm.

Therapy at this stage of life can help adolescents navigate their overwhelming emotions, increase self- esteem and help them to make good life choices.

Many adolescents are resistant to therapy. Others can be avoidant of painful topics. This is because they must defend the fragile sense of self that is emerging into a challenging world.

​I use psychodynamic art therapy to work with adolescents. I integrate CBT art therapy as needed. Many teens are able to begin healing painful issues through artistic metaphor until they are ready to "talk".